Review: New Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks – Mannequin and Rose Matter!

Hi my lovelies,

I finally bought my very first Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks! (yay!). I’ve heard for ages that these are SO good and the formula is great, lasting power is great, they’re comfortable to wear etc, and I have been waiting for the perfect moment to finally get my hands on some. These sell out super super quickly, and there’s only one main stockist here in the UK (Go look up Cocktail Cosmetics if you want to get your hands on some when they restock), so it’s really difficult to actually get the chance to buy some before they are all gone!


When I saw the announcement from CC that they were getting these two new shades in stock , I impatiently kept the website open in my browser at work (there was a lot of refreshing involved), and bought these two gorgeous shades straight away (along with a few Morphe brushes because I couldn’t help myself).

Onto the review!

The Shades:


  • Mannequin – A nude shade with a little bit of a pink shift. Jeffree describes this as the middle between I’m Nude and Celebrity Skin.


Mannequin is the perfect nude shade for me! I fell in love with this as soon as I wore it for the first time! This is the sort of colour that’s super natural, but doesn’t look too pale on the lips and really flatters my skin tone. Celebrity Skin looks a little dark for me, where I’m Nude looks a little too light to be flattering on me, so this one is exactly right! I will also say that I have never had as many compliments or people asking me about my lipstick as when I’m wearing this, so that’s a big tick for Mannequin too!

  • Rose Matter – A dusty pink shade with a hint of coral to brighten lips up.


Rose Matter is a beautiful shade of pink, unlike a lot of other dusty pink shades, this has a little bit of peachy coral in there that brightens this lippy up just a smidge. I don’t have another lip colour that gives this effect in my collection so I’m super happy to have this. I think this would look amazing on just about anyone, as the cool pink looks great for paler skin tones, but that peachiness will mean olive or darker skinned girls can rock this too!


These certainly do stand out on my dressing table, and for all the right reasons! First of all, I love the fact that you can see exactly what colour the lipstick is by just looking at the packaging. It looks sleek and high quality, and the pink and rose gold with all the stars look fab! You can tell a lot of work has gone into the design of these.

The Lasting Power:

I’ve heard so many good things about these lipsticks, namely that they will last absolutely ages, and I can verify that! I’ve put Mannequin on in the morning (around 8), gone to class, had a massive coffee during break, gone out to lunch and had a subway (not the daintiest of food), and had a bottle of water in my afternoon class without much damage at all to my lipstick! It was still going strong at 4pm which I am amazed at! 5 stars for lasting power!

Wearability and finish:

Both of these liquid lipsticks dry super matte and really opaque, but they’re also really comfortable to wear which is a rare combination, especially when it comes to liquid lipsticks! Apart from the Revlon Liquid Lipsticks, these are the most comfortable liquid lip colours that I own, and when you couple that with the fact that the Revlon ones don’t dry matte, Jeffree Star comes out the winner! Be sure to use a lip scrub before applying so you can get rid of any dead skin, as anything super matte like this will stick into every line you have, but both of these lipsticks apply beautifully, and I really love that the applicator is shaped to fit your lips which makes this so much easier to apply precisely.


Both of these liquid lipsticks cost £14 each from Cocktail Cosmetics. For the quality of these, I think the price point is fair as these are up there as far as quality goes. Comparing these to the price of a Mac lipstick, I think I’m getting more from Jeffree than I would Mac for my money. I would gladly pay up to around £20 for these as i think they’d be worth it! These will also last me longer than other lipsticks as I won’t have to reapply as much so I’m definitely getting my money’s worth from these!

Anything else?20160610_192147

This will either make you love these lippies more or turn you off, depending on whether you like it or not: these smell exactly like Dandelion and Burdock (Or Root Beer if you’re in the US), which takes me straight back to my childhood. The scent doesn’t linger for too long, which is a good point for me as I’m not 100% on lipsticks that are too scented, but I think they smell really good. In fact I’m actually guilty of opening these just to smell them… does that make me weird?

Overall, I can honestly say I don’t have a bad thing to say about these liquid lipsticks, and they’re honestly some of the best lipsticks I have ever used. Now I’m not a liquid lipstick afficionado, I haven’t tried every liquid lip colour out there, but I know quality when I see it, and these have it in spades. I’m super happy with the two shades I’ve picked, and will definitely be getting more of these for my collection! I’m hoping to snap up Androgyny on it’s next restock as it looks bea-u-tiful!

So that was my review of my very first Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks! I can’t say enough how much I love these! What do you guys think of these shades and have you tried Jeffree Star liquid lips before? If you have, what shades are your faves and what do you think of them?

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