My Top 10 Christmas Movies! – Blogmas, day 13!)

Hi my lovelies,

Welcome back to Blogmas! We’re over half way through now – can you believe it’s less than two weeks until Christmas?


I figured I’d go for something a bit more festive for today’s post, so I’m going to count down my favourite Christmas movies for you! I’ve loved watching Christmas films ever since I was little, and these are some of my absolute favourites! I’ll count down from 10 to 1, with my very favourite at the end!

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On with the countdown!

10: Jingle All The Way

Image result for jingles all the way

This movie is somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me. Whether it’s Arnie’s slightly wooden yet extremely comical acting, the scene with the parcel bomb, or the creepy guy that no one likes getting whacked with a thermos at the end, I love to watch this movie. It follows Arnold Schwarzenegger (right spelling first time, wow!) trying to get a sold out toy for his son the day before Christmas – it’s funny, memorable, and one that I watch without fail every year!

9:The Santa Clause

Image result for the santa clause

A childhood favourite of mine – I have all of the Santa Clause movies on DVD and the box set comes out around this time every year for me to watch! Everyone’s seen Tim (The Tool Man Taylor!) Allen in his hilarious transformation into Santa by now, and it’s loads of family fun! Pretty much as cheesy as it gets but something I still enjoy watching.

8: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Image result for the nightmare before christmas

Everyone’s slightly emo favourite, I watch this at Halloween and Christmas because it’s always been something I enjoy. In my “Stick it to the man” teen years, I became somewhat of a Nightmare Before Christmas afficionado, wore black a lot,  lots of black liner all the way around my eyes  – the whole shazam, and this movie always brings me back to that. Regardless, it’s fun, everyone loves singing all the songs (What’s this? is my fave), and agrees that Oogie Boogie is pretty dang scary. A must watch!

7:The Shop Around The Corner

Image result for the shop around the corner

Here’s where I stray into my love of classic movies and Jimmy Stewart. Essentially this is the old school version of You’ve Got Mail, but is so much more enjoyable for me (sorry, Tom Hanks!) to watch. Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan play co-workers who can barely stand each other, but unbeknownst to them are each other’s anonymous penpals, falling in love through their letters to one another. Slightly cheesy concept – maybe? but extremely well cast and something I love to watch every year (not just at Christmas). Also yes, that is the Wizard of Oz in the photo.

6: Die Hard

Image result for die hard

Ah the age old question – is this even a Christmas movie? Considering it’s set at Christmas and contains the classic  “Now I have a Machine Gun, Ho Ho Ho” I’d say yes. Plus it’s always on the TV around this time. Die Hard is one of those movies you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t enjoy, and with good reason. Such a good action movie, and a nice change of pace for those that are sick of family movies and animations around Christmastime.

5: The Muppet Christmas Carol

Image result for muppets christmas carol

Who doesn’t love the Muppets? Of all the Christmas Carol-ey movies, this one is definitely my favourite (although the Patrick Stewart one is a close second and almost made it on this list) – there’s just something about this being a Muppet movie that makes it so enjoyable, plus Michael Caine makes a fab Scrooge!

4: Elf

Image result for elf movie poster

This is one of my all time faves and I can’t believe this came out 13 years ago! I remember going to see this at the cinema way back when. It’s silly, but I always love a bit of Christmas cheer, and that’s why I love this movie! Buddy the Elf is happy go lucky and never stops believing, which is a really nice sentiment this time of year.

3: Arthur Christmas

Image result for arthur christmas

This one is the newest movie on this list, as I tend to favour the classics rather than modern Christmas movies. It’s also one of only two animated movies on my list again I prefer the classics, but I’ll always be up to watch Arthur Christmas. This one has just a good plot, and is all about family, which all of us can relate to. Along with an all star cast, this story about Santa’s son Arthur is one that the whole family (especially mine) loves!

2: Miracle on 34th Street ( Richard Attenborough version)

Image result for miracle on 34th street 1994

These last two movies were so difficult to decide which I love the most – I spent ages agonizing over which is my favourite! Ultimately this movie had to come second, which I hope you’ll all understand! Richard Attenborough stars as Kris Kringle (Santa) in this courtroom drama slash childrens movie in which we try to prove that Santa Claus is, in fact, real. It’s a wonderful film with suspense, great storylines, and great actors. I think I like this more than the 1947 version because of Richard Attenborough, the national treasure he is!

1: It’s a Wonderful Life

Image result for its a wonderful life poster

Lastly (or firstly, depending on if you skipped to the end), at number one on my top Christmas movies is It’s a Wonderful Life. In fact, this is likely near the top of my favourite movies of all time, period. Another Jimmy Stewart film, this one stars him as George Bailey, a selfless man who has reached his breaking point. As he contemplates suicide, he’s rescued by an angel named Clarence who shows him all the good he’s done in his life and how he has helped so many people. This is such a poignant, emotional movie, and I cry every time I watch, because it hits me so hard. I think we can all agree that It’s A Wonderful Life is a top notch film, and that’s why it’ number one on my list!

So there we have my all time fave Christmas movies! What are your faves?

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4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Christmas Movies! – Blogmas, day 13!)

  1. TheMakeupCase17 says:

    Elf was on cable here last night. One of the very few Will Ferrell movies I like.

    I’m a HUGE Nightmare Before Christmas fan. But I’m also an old school gothling who grew up listening to The Cure, Bauhaus, Siouxie & the Banshees… I was in college when this movie came out. 😂

    I always liked Santa Claus: The Movie, with John Lithgow as a crooked toy maker & Dudley Moore as one of Santa’s elves.

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