How To Look Your Best In Summer? 9 Essential Tips To Beat The Heat!

Hi my lovelies,

Summer starts at the beginning of June for me, even though most of the time we don’t get the best of the weather here in England.  I thought this post could be all about some beauty tips and tricks for summer, as we’re now heading towards to warmer months and it really pays off to be prepared!


Here are my nine top tips for staying bright and beautiful in summer!


  • Stay Hydrated

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Beauty 101 – Concealer!

Hi my lovelies,

Today’s post is hopefully part one of a new segment for this blog, where I’ll talk about tips and tricks and how to get the best from your products! I’ve been thinking about this for a while but didn’t know where to start, but after speaking with my friend from Into the Gloss I realised that Concealer is something that people either have spot on or have no clue what to do! So this post is all about concealer and what to do with it! (P.S. What do you guys think of the name Beauty 101?)


Now I’ll admit that I used to think that concealer was just something you used to hide spots on your face but as I’ve got older and more informed (and better with make-up) I now know that concealer is so versatile and has so many uses!

 What’s the best type of concealer for you?

Different skin types and concerns will need different types of concealer,so which is best for you?


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