Birchbox October 2016 – What’s Your Sign?

Hi my lovelies,

Today’s (rather belated, sorry!) post is all about my Birchbox for October. I don’t know whether it’s just me, but I’m become a little disappointed with my Birchboxes lately and I’m considering cancelling my subscription soon. It’s only £13 every month including postage, but I’m not sure I’m enjoying it as much as I used to – does anyone else feel like this?

First off, I want to apologise for not blogging or even being around for the last couple of weeks. Do you ever have those times where everything catches up with you all at once, and you feel like you don’t even have time to sleep and eat, let alone have spare time to do things you enjoy? That, plus work stress and a few days of not being very well at all, and you end up with two weeks without a blog post. So I’m sorry for not being here, and to those interested in collab-ing with me on a post, I swear I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ll be emailing as soonas I get the chance!


Anyway, October’s box design is gorgeous, and the drawer style box seems to be sticking, which is great! I’m a Sagittarius, meaning I got the Fire sign style box this month; and while I don’t really hold any belief in psychics or starsigns, I am a pretty fiery person – so  think it does reflect me. The little stars on the box are actually glow in the dark too, which I love but I reckon those who need complete darkness to sleep won’t be too happy!

Last month’s box was pretty good -I loved (and I mean loved) the Nuxe shower oil and the Bioderma moisturiser, but I have little good things to say about the  Batiste volume spray (really, really not good for my hair!). October is a bit of a mixed bag – I actually squealed at one of the products in here, but was ridiculously disappointed with a couple others. Let’s see what was In my box, shall we?

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So what was in my box this month?


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Want to collab or guest post with me?

Hi my lovelies,

Something quick for today’s post – I’m asking all you lovely bloggers out there if you want to get together (online, that is – I’ll bet most of you are super far away from me) and collab on a post with me!

Right now, I’m working on a post all about my favourite lipsticks for Autumn (or Fall if you’re so inclined), so I’d love to chat with you guys about your fave lippies this season and see what you’re into! We can link each other’s blogs in the post – and get some Autumn inspiration (which will no doubt leave my purse lighter after buying new lip colours!)

I’m super busy at the moment, so I haven’t had that much time to be here and blog every day, but I want to keep my blog updated at least twice a week (hopefully more), so if you want to guest post on Beauty By Jess let me know! We can chat about post ideas if you’d like, and more readers (for both of us) is always good!

Comment on this or message me via all the usual methods (Email, Insta, Twitter – links below) and I hope we can work together soon!

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An Update on my Colourpop haul – Loves, Likes and Meh’s!

Hi my lovelies,

Today’s post is a bit of an update and mini review of the products I bought in my Colourpop haul post a few weeks back. If you haven’t read that one, I recommend you check that post out first by clicking here!


I bought quite a few things, and while a love a few of them, and like most of the others, one or two I was a little disappointed with, and I’ll go through everything here in this post so stay tuned!

The Loves


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Huge Colourpop Haul!

Hi my lovelies,

So you may have seen the news that Colourpop started shipping worldwide recently, and to me that meant I could finally put in an order from a brand that I’ve been lusting after for ages now! My order finally arrived, and so here are all the lovely goodies that I ordered! I decided to try out a bit of everything, so grab a cuppa, because this haul is massive! Also, how cute is this little handwritten thank you they sent in the box???


So what did I order?


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Review: Sleek Power Plump Lip Pencils!

Hi my lovelies,

So as you’re probably aware of by now, I am ridiculously obsessed with Sleek Makeup’s Solstice Highlighter palette! Lately I’ve been giving this brand a bit more of a try and picked up some of their new Power Plump Lip Pencils from Boots to test out, and that’s what this post is all about!


Product: Tingly lipstick pencils that plump up your lips to make them look fuller for that Kylie Jenner look. These come in six shades and I picked up three from Boots!

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Birchbox UK July 2016 “Never Ending Summer”x Millie Mackintosh Unboxing & Review!

Hi my lovelies,

It’s time for another Birchbox unboxing! I reckon July’s box is the best I’ve had in a good few months, and I really like every single product I got in this month’s box (which is rare), so let’s get stuck in!20160710_113746

July’s theme is Never Ending Summer, and is a collab with Millie Mackintosh of Made in Chelsea. She’s now a beauty and style icon, and I love her Instagram. The box design is a gorgeous pinky watercolour style, and I think it’s super pretty and girly! I wish they had kept the drawer style box however, as I really liked that about June’s box!

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So what was in my box this month?

birchbox july 16 contents

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Review: New Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks – Mannequin and Rose Matter!

Hi my lovelies,

I finally bought my very first Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks! (yay!). I’ve heard for ages that these are SO good and the formula is great, lasting power is great, they’re comfortable to wear etc, and I have been waiting for the perfect moment to finally get my hands on some. These sell out super super quickly, and there’s only one main stockist here in the UK (Go look up Cocktail Cosmetics if you want to get your hands on some when they restock), so it’s really difficult to actually get the chance to buy some before they are all gone!


When I saw the announcement from CC that they were getting these two new shades in stock , I impatiently kept the website open in my browser at work (there was a lot of refreshing involved), and bought these two gorgeous shades straight away (along with a few Morphe brushes because I couldn’t help myself).

Onto the review!

The Shades:


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Mini Clinique Haul and Free Summer Gift!

Hi my lovelies,

You probably all know by now that Clinique is my absolute fave beauty brand, so I thought I’d share with you all today a couple of things I bought from my local Clinique counter a couple of days ago, and talk about their free summer gift (because who doesn’t like free things!).

I nipped into town to do a little shopping and head into Debenhams for a much needed Clinique purchase as I’m almost completely out of my holy grail eye makeup remover – their Take The Day Off for Lids, Lashes and Lips! I trust this more than anything else to budge the unbudgeable waterproof mascara that comes out in summer for me!

What I bought:


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Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette and Lipsticks – First Impressions and Swatches!

Hi my lovelies,

Today is the day I have waited for ever since its announcement: The new Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette is mine! I was buzzing with excitement the night before this went on sale, and ordered it along with two of the lipsticks as soon as it was released! As you all may know, Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite things ever in the entire world, so I knew this had to be mine!

This post is going to be my first impressions and thoughts on the palette and lipsticks, and swatches of all of the shades!


The packaging is kaleidoscope inspired and super colourful which given the wacky and wonderful setting of the movie, I think it fits really well. There’s also a big theme of butterflies in this palette, as the caterpillar and metamorphosis is a big theme through the book and I hope the movie too!

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New Beauty Alert! Benefit Dandelion Wishes Set – First Impressions and Review!

Hi my lovelies,

So If you saw my Beauty Blender post or my Instagram, you’ll know that I picked up this little Benefit set with my Birchbox points! This is the Benefit Dandelion Wishes set, and based around Benefit’s Dandelion powder, it gives a perfect pink look for spring and summer! Brand new for spring, I’m seriously happy I spent my points on this!

benefit 1

Inside the box:

  • Dandelion Powder
  • Mini Powder Brush
  • Roller Lash Mascara
  • Dandelion Lip Gloss
  • High Beam Highlighter
  • Posie Balm Tinted Lip Balm
  • Tips and Tricks on how to use the products

benefit 2

So as you can see, this is a cute little box, perfect to give things a try if you haven’t before. I’ve tried some Benefit products in the past (I love their They’re Real! Mascara) but I’ve never tried any of these before and I’ve heard good things, so this was the perfect chance to try them out! Sets are one of the things I think Benefit do really well, and they make for great gifts!

First Up: The Dandelion Powder!

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