November Faves & Fails! (Blogmas, day 5)

Hi my lovelies,

I feel like it’s a while since I’ve done one of these posts – I missed October’s due to my zero spare time, but I’m back with another faves and fails for November! This is also my fifth Blogmas post, I’m blogging every day all the way until christmas, exciting right? Let’s get stuck in, shall we?


The Faves!


  • Anastasia Brow Wiz

If I had to pick just one product out of this list to tell you guys to go out and get right now, it’s this. Since buying this, I’ve used it to do my eyebrows every single day and I don’t think I can go back to anything else after this. Anastasia, you’ve ruined me for all other brow pencils! No but really this pencil glides on like magic and doesn’t budge all day and I highly recommend it!

  • YSL Touche Eclat Green Neutraliser

This has popped back up as something I’m using on the regular again this winter – I’ve had some bad colds, and my skin just always ends up more red in winter than any other time of the year. This little colour corrector has really helped, and I like this more than any other I’ve tried as it’s creamy and pigmented, but blends really well too. It’s un-noticeable under my foundation but really makes a difference to the way my skin looks.

  • EcoTools Duo Eye Brushes

These were from my Love Me Beauty for November, and for drugstore brushes I’m a big fan! These are synthetic, and have four different brushes crammed into two – a flat shadow brush, a crease brush, a smudge brush and an angled liner/brow brush. I just love how these two brushes can complete almost any eye look and *almost* makes me want to be a minimalist and get rid of some brushes. I won’t though.


  • Bastiste Dry Shampoo – Oriental Scent

I already use this all the time, but when I asked my mum to pick some up for me, she came back with a scent I’ve never tried before and it’s turned into my favourite. I don’t really have much to say about this other than it’s my second tin, and I don’t plan to stop after two.

  • Beauty Protector Leave in Conditioning Spray

The shining star of my Birchbox for November, this not only smells absolutely gorgeous, but has done literal wonders for my hair in the last month. My hair is notoriously tangly and frizzy and every time I use this, my hair is smoother, sleeker and doesn’t get knotty at all, which I love!


  • Clinique Pep Start Exfoliating Cleanser

I got this as a mini with my purchase of the pep start moisturiser (which was not the best, to be honest) and It’s taken me a while to finally use this cleanser. I don’t know why I waited, as this is really nice, actually. It exfoliates but also gets foamy and deep cleanses which my skin really needs in winter. I don’t use this every day, but once or twice a week and my skin has been loads smoother since.

  • Clinique Happy Heart Perfume

Another little gift with purchase, this perfume is rosy and floral but not in that Grandma way, and a little bit sweet. It’s every inch that type of ‘valentines day’ scent if you know what I’m getting at – and I love it, even though It’s quite different to the fragrances I normally go for. I got this little mini one, but I’m going to go to Debenhams next time there’s a 10% sale on and buy the full size.

  • Caudalie Hand Cream

This was also in my Love Me Beauty for November and it’s just the ticket for my dry, sore hands this winter! It’s a cute little size to pop in my handbag, which is where this has been living for the past couple of weeks. This hand cream is also not greasy, super moisturising and smells delightfully wintry. Love!

  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

A Look Incredible find, and something I’ve seen floating around  lot lately – this lip treatment from Fresh has become my new night time lip balm! I always make sure to put lip balm on before bed especially as I’m a matte lip lover, and this one is quite thick but perfect for night time! As soon as I put this on my lips feel hydrated, and so much better in the morning!


  • Home Sweet Home Heat Wrap

When winter comes along, I find myself with sore stiff muscles and a little insomnia (part of the whole it being dark at 4.30 thing? I don’t know.) so I am in definite need of something to help me sleep and soothe my sore muscles. I’ve been using this cute lavender scented heat wrap before bed to de-stress and drift off to sleep. It’s done wonders!



  • Costa Coffee Gingerbread Latte

I look forward all year to Costa’s Christmas drinks and this one is by far my favourite! With sweet gingerbread syrup and even a mini gingerbread man in the top this drink is just that little touch of indulgence that I need in winter. It’s delicious and I love it!





  • Once Upon A Time

Image result for once upon a time

I don’t remember a time when I have got in so deep with a tv show so fast – one and a bit seasons in and I’m completely obsessed. I can’t wait to watch more of this!

The Fails!


  • EcoTools Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths

These aren’t that bad per se, I just guess I’m just a little disappointed with them. They’re a little useless with face brushes but nice enough for cleaning eye brushes with. I’ll keep them on hand to use when I’m switching eye shadow shades, but I won’t be rushing out to get these again.

  • Marcelle Golden Glow BB Illuminator

Not an illuminator for me, I’m afraid. This is actually darker than my skin tone and completely wrong for me. I’ll admit this is part of the reason I’m cancelling my Birchbox – I just feel like they keep sending me completely inappropriate products for my skin tone and type. It’s also really greasy, which is not good at all for me!

  • GOSH Cosmetics brow pencil

This is hands down the worst brow pencil I’ve ever used for breaking. It’s tough to use as you have to press really hard to get any colour, and when I try and sharpen this pencil it just crumbles away. Seriously, don’t waste your money on this.

  • Nuxe Body Scrub

This is just a bit of a meh product for me. The scrub is nice enough, but what I don’t like about this is the scent. I assumed this would smell like all of the other Nuxe products I’ve tried but it doesn’t. It’s kind of almondy but there’s a weird scent that lingers after you’ve used this for a long time. I can’t get over the strange lingering scent and that’s why I don’t like this.

  • MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Lip Cream

Not the worst lip product I’ve ever used, but pretty close. This lip cream isn’t creamy at all, nor is it matte. It’s greasy, patchy, doesn’t dry down, and has one of the worst artificial scents I’ve ever come across. Yes it’s super budget friendly, but save your money and go without or save up and get a NYX lip cream as they’re actually good. ew.

So those were my faves and fails for november! A long list this time around because I’ve been saving up these for a while! There are even some I’ve left out to save for next time or else I’d never get this post out in time! What do you all think? Do you have the same faves as me or do you love some of my fails? let me know!

As always, please let me know what you think in the comments and anything you want to see from my blog because I really love you guy’s input. Thank you guys for reading, and please don’t forget to give this post a big like and a share if you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you all very soon in the next post! Remember to click that lovely follow button to be updated about anything new from me!

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18 thoughts on “November Faves & Fails! (Blogmas, day 5)

  1. Beauty and The Ballroom says:

    So many of those in your faves list I have used and agree with. Eco tools brushes are amazing…I have 2 of the blush brushes…because 1 just wasn’t enough 😛 😛 Great blog…and thanks for the heads up on the Brush Wipes…have been tempted before, but I won’t bother now! 🙂 x

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