Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar Unboxing – Days 19,20,21! (Blogmas, day 21)

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We’re up to the penultimate advent unboxing post! I hope you’re not getting bored of these, because as we get near (sooooo near) to Christmas day, I manage to get more and more excited by these unboxings! We’ve seen Lancome, YSL, Viktor & Rolf, Urban Decay, Kiehls – all these fab brands so far and some products that I’m already loving!

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Let’s see what the last three days brought! Strangely, all three of this last three day’s beauty treats were fragrances – I’ll admit I wish there were a little more variety with the products, but they’re from three different brands so I’ll forgive it.

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Day 19: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb


I’m hooked on Viktor & Rolf’s other scent – Bonbon – but however iconic it is, this just doesn’t really do it for me. It’s not as deep or sweet as the perfumes I tend to go for, and more floral than I’d normally choose. I’ll have to see how it wears throughout the day as this is just based on an initial sniff, but I hope I can love this like a lot of people do already.

Day 20: YSL Black Opium Nuit Blanche


Now this scent I really do like! It’s sort of like the original Black Opium but fresher and more girly compared to the rich original scent. I still think I like the original better but would get a lot of wear out of this – that is, if I could wear it. This fragrance made my skin straight up burn and that’s never a good thing. I still have a rash on my neck from yesterday where I put the perfume, so I reckon I won’t be using this anymore. It’s ironic that of all the skincare etc I’ve had in this advent box, the one thing that I have allergies to is the perfume, but I’m sure I can find it a good home.

Day 21: Lancome La Vie Est Belle


I found this fragrance to be nice, it’s sweeter than Flowerbomb but still has those floral notes in there. The one thing I’m not keen on is that this has a bit too much patchouli for my liking, I’m not the hugest fan of patchouli to begin with ,but it lingers with this scent. I also think it smells a little old for me – sort of one of those “the headteacher of my old school wore this” or “my nana loves it.” I don’t know , maybe it’s because I loved the previous fragrances most from earlier in the month.

Overall these aren’t the best three days I’ve had in my advent so far. I tend to prefer a more rich,  fragrance than these ones (like the regular Black Opium, MJ Decadence, Viktor &Rolf Bon Bon) However, they’ll definitely get worn if not by me by a family member – these minis make a fab little gift! It’s a real shame about the YSL fragrance as I really like the scent but if i’m allergic then i’m allergic. I’m surprised it took me until day 20 to find something I couldn’t use in here which is a major plus.

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