Ultimate Sephora Wishlist Tag!

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So I want to start this post by aplogisizng for the lack of posts this week (a combo of work stress, dissertation writing and writers block), and say a huge welcome to my new followers! I’d love to chat with all of you so come say hi in the comments or over on Twitter or Insta. Hello and I hope we can be great friends!

Don’t get me wrong, I love being British and living in the UK, but as a beauty blogger, it’s really stressful (not to mention expensive) trying to get US products over here. Either you’re slapped with huge delivery or customs charges, or UK stockists decide to charge you as much as they like, just because they can (Oh, hi £42 ABH palette).


One thing I really wish we had access to over here is definitely a Sephora – they have them in France, why not jolly ol’ England too? Everything you could ever want all in one place, a generous rewards system, and sales where you get more than a measly 10% off. All this, plus all of those coveted brands that are super difficult to find here and small travel sizes and gift sets! There are also Sephora brand products that I’ve heard great things about, and they’re just not available here! I have heard rumours lately about a possible UK store, which could mean great things for me! (Although probably not my bank account).

So here’s a list of products that I’ve decided I would buy if you gave me a free trip to Sephora!

I know it’s ridiculous, who shells out this much money all at once but I’d love to see your ultimate lists too – I figured I’d start a tag! I’d really love to see all of you guys do an ultimate wishlist too, so please feel free to, and tag me in yours/comment below so I can read it!

The Rules:

  • You can choose up to 10 items from Sephora to make up your ultimate list.
  • It can be a mix of makeup, skincare, hair products etc. The whole of Sephora is at your fingertips!
  • There is no budget – I repeat, there is no budget. As long as there aren’t more than 10 products, you’re fine.
  • Gift sets and kits count as one item. If you’re choosing brushes, brush sets also count as one item.
  • Have fun, and happy shopping! (sort of)

My Wishlist!

Make Up

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette – $42

Everyone and their mother has this palette by now right? Not me – although it doesn’t mean I don’t want it! This is probably the IT palette of 2016, beautiful neutrals with pops of pink, insta worthy packaging and great quality to boot. It’s always on waitlist though, sadly!

Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette – $45

Ask me what I think the perfect neutrals palette looks like, and I will show you a photo of this. I would have bought this long ago but they don’t sell this in the UK (without buying from the Tarte website, which means paying disgustingly high shipping and customs fees).

(Edit!!!! I just found this on QVC and i’m super happy to say it’s just £36 (including postage and a double ended brush! Think this makes the birthday list!)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer – $23

This triangular tipped brow pencil is right up my street! I’ve heard super great things about this one, and even though I can get this over here, it’s still on my wishlist!

YSL Lumiere Divine Highlighting Finishing Powder – $47

Yes this is a ridiculous amount of money for a finishing powder. Yes, I still want this! YSL is a luxury brand, after all, and it’s just so damned gorgeous. If anyone would love to send me on I won’t say no!



Sephora Face masks – around $4-$6 each.

Image result for sephora face masks

By my maths, Sephora has around 30 different single use face masks (including eye, overnight and standard masks). So I’m being a little bit sneaky and including them on here as one item! At an average of $5 per mask, this would cost a whopping $150! But I definitely would overspend on masks if I ever went to a Sephora as I love love love face masks!

Skin Inc. Custom Blended Serum Set – $90

I have heard great things about Skin Inc lately and how this product in particular will target your skin by tackling every concern! By mixing three serums for a custom product (I took the skin ID test to see which were best), you end up with something perfectly tailored to your skin!


Marc Jacobs Decadence 100ml (3.4 fl.oz/100ml) – $122

Image result for marc jacobs decadence

I had a sample of this a bit ago, and fell in love with the almost unisex, sexy amber scent of this perfume. Yes the giant tassle on the bottle is a little tacky, but the scent inside is well worth it. I’ve decided to save my pennies and get this in the duty free in January when I go on holiday! (probably not the 100ml as wow many pounds/dollars)


Bumble and Bumble Soft, Sea Tossed Hair (Anywhere) Travel Kit – $31

I’ve always wanted to try Bumble and bumble products, and this cute little set looks just the ticket! It has their coveted Pret A Powder dry shampoo/volumiser, an Invisible Oil heat protector, and a sea salt wave spray, and all three look great! I love little sets like this that are less accessible over here, as it means I can try out a product before committing to a full size.


Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner Kit – $24

For me, cleaning brushes is a giant chore, but it’s something that has to be done. One of my favourite beauty gurus out there is Tati (GlamLifeGuru) and she absolutely raves about this stuff to clean brushes with – which is why I need to try it! Unfortunately, another product I can’t seem to get over here except Amazon, where a 300ml/8 fluid ounces bottle (same size as this kit) will cost around the £35 mark. Ouch!

Sephora Favourites – Beauty’s Most Coveted Kit – $75

Have you ever seen a more beautiful beauty gift set? This little kit had three products from my original list in here (Becca Moonstone, Glamglow Supermud, Laura Mercier powder), meaning more products to choose from! There is $219 of value packed into this little set, and features several full size products ,as well as minis of others.  Add in a little foundation and mascara, and you’ve got a full face here, as well as a bit of skincare. If I were in the states, I’d definitely snap this right up!

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed this list, and maybe I’ve inspired some of you to make your own! If you can just pop down to a Sephora, I have serious envy for you right now! Have any of you guys tried these before, or want them too? Let me know what you think of them and I’d love to see all of  your ultimate wishlists too! Feel free to tag me so I can see yours! I also just added up everything here and it totals to $649! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

As always, please let me know what you think in the comments and anything you want to see from my blog because I really love you guy’s input. Thank you guys for reading, and please don’t forget to give this post a big like and a share if you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you all very soon in the next post! Remember to click that lovely follow button to be updated about anything new from me!

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13 thoughts on “Ultimate Sephora Wishlist Tag!

  1. stashy says:

    I think it’s silly they don’t have Sephora in the UK yet! Even little ol Canada (where I live) has it. We’re so small (population wise) compared to the UK!
    Fun tag! 🙂 That Marc Jacobs perfume packaging is so gorgeous – I like the scent a lot too.

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