The Lust List – August 2016!

Hi my lovelies,

I’m back with another list of my most lustworthy items this month, and there are definitely some amazing items in store for August that I’ve had my eye on! These are beauty products, makeup, fashion and just about anything that I’ve been lusting over for the last month!


So what have I been lusting after this month?

  • Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

If you haven’t heard about this concealer in the last few weeks – what rock have you been living under? I have heard blogger after blogger rave about this concealer this month, it supposedly has smooth, high coverage without being drying or patchy. There have been mixed reviews about the blending sponge to go with this concealer, and this is only sold on QVC over here, with the sponge in question. Therefore, I may give it a go, but I’m definitely lusting over it!

  • Urban Decay Moondust Liquid Shadows

These shadows seem really intriguing to me, as liquid shadows like these normally have more of a doe foot applicator whereas these have a super fine almost eyeliner style brush. UD shadows are normally great, with fab pigmentation and the moondusts are gorgeous and sparkly – and who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle! These look like I could use them as liner as well as shadow, and  I love me a multi use product. I can’t wait until these come out so I can swatch and see!

  • Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso


This blush is something else I’ve had my eye on for a while now, ever since I saw a beauty youtuber (I think Tati) talk about this blush ages ago! It’s glowey, peachy and looks like an amazing blush. Milani do these blushes in a range of shades but there’s something about this shade Luminoso that just speaks to me personally. It’s really affordable too, so may be on the cards for me soon!


  • Jouer Lip Topper in Skinnydip

Another product that has been absolutely everywhere lately is this lip topper from Jouer! Described as a Metallic Shimmering Golden Nude, this colour looks absolutely amazing over the top of a liquid lip or regular lipstick to add that little bit of metallic edge and shimmeriness to any look! The swatches of this online look fab, and basically make your liquid lip an instant metallic lip, without being sticky or too glossy – definitely something I need when it’s back in stock!



  • Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara

I’ve yet to try any Charlotte Tilbury products, and I have seen loads of great reviews on her products. Mascara is definitely one of my fave products ever, and I’m always looking for more so I reckon this one is a good one to start with! Legendary Lashes promises 13 times more volume in your lashes, which is a number sounds pretty amazing to me! The wand is fibre, so it’ll definitely grab every lash to add that volume – false lash effect without the falsies! It is pretty pricey at £25, but if its a new holy grail, well worth it!

  • Lancome Grandiose Liquid Liner

This makes the list this month because it’s completely unique and different to me! I’m sure you’ve all seen this liner by now, but if you haven’t the photo explains it all! This eyeliner from Lancome can be used either straight or angled for the perfect winged line! Now i’m definitely not a winged eyeliner expert (as a matter of fact I’m pretty bad at them and usually avoid unless I have a long time to perfect it), so anything to help me out is something that I’m definitely up for!

  • Irregular Choice “Nick of Time” shoes

Nick Of Time

Under this steely exterior, I’m secretly a huuuuge girly girl that loves glitter and pink! Ever since I saw these a few weeks ago, I’ve been massively obsessed with them! Irregular Choice is one of my fave shoe brands, but they’re generally pretty expensive (This pair is £89.99), so my purchase may be just a pipe dream! Either way, these ombre glitter heels are something on my lust list as they’re definitely lustable!

  • Zoeva makeup brushes

Something else I’ve been looking at for a while are Zoeva makeup brushes! I opted for Spectrum brushes instead (and I’m totally glad I did!) but next time I’m in the need for new brushes, Zoeva is at the top of my list! They use a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles for super soft, MUA quality brushes, and as an added plus, they’re gorgeous and totally instagram worthy!

  • The Luxe Life – Fleur De Force

I’ve been watching Fleur’s youtube channel for years now, and although she’s definitely more luxury now than she used to be, I still watch religiously! Her new book the Luxe Life is filled with beauty tips, diy projects and fashion inspo, and is all about having life’s little luxuries while on a budget! I may never own a Chanel bag, but I can make the most of what I have!

  • Copper Decor/Everything

It may be no surprise to any of you that I am obsessed with copper and rose gold tones lately (and always), and I’m looking for some little knick knacks and decorative bits and bobs for my bedroom that are copper! I have some candles and little things, but as my bedroom is currently white and teal, copper will fit in beautifully! Maybe a light fitting like the ones opposite, or a vase etc – these look so much more expensive than they are!


  • The Great British Bake Off!

Mary and Paul are back with another series of GBBO starting wednesday, and I cannot tell you how excited I am for this! I love bake off and everything it is about, even though it makes me super hungry while I’m watching. Although I’ll never be as good of a baker as any of the contestants, it really inspires me to try my hand at making my own pastry or just make a regular old victoria sponge!

So that just about does it for my Lust List this month! Are you guys as excited as me about bake off or am I a sad sad individual getting this excited about a cooking show? What do you guys all think of this month’s array of beautiful things? Are you lusting over the same things as me or something completely different? Have you tried any of these before and what do you think of them? What are your faves from this list? Let me know down in the comments because I love talking to you about my obsessions!

As always, please let me know what you think in the comments and anything you want to see from my blog because I really love you guy’s input. Thank you guys for reading, and please don’t forget to give this post a big like and a share if you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you all very soon in the next post! Remember to click that lovely follow button to be updated about anything new from me!

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