An Update on my Colourpop haul – Loves, Likes and Meh’s!

Hi my lovelies,

Today’s post is a bit of an update and mini review of the products I bought in my Colourpop haul post a few weeks back. If you haven’t read that one, I recommend you check that post out first by clicking here!


I bought quite a few things, and while a love a few of them, and like most of the others, one or two I was a little disappointed with, and I’ll go through everything here in this post so stay tuned!

The Loves


  • Super Shock Highlighter in Smoke ‘n Whistles

This highlighter is so bomb, guys! I’ve been using my new (well new-ish) Morphe 510 brush with this to highlight and it looks really radiant and glowey, without going all out metallic or glittery.A gorgeous pinky champagne shade and definitely a great formula that stays on throughout the day!

  • Super Shock Eyeshadows

Both of the shades I picked are absolutely gorgeous, and I wish I’d picked out more! Weenie is one of the most beautiful coppery metallic shades, definitely  one I’ve been reaching for a lot when I want something bold but really wearable. Cornelius makes a really great transition/crease shade, especially when I’m going for something really natural. I really like the cream to powder formulas, they’re unlike any other shadows I own!

  • Brow Pencil in Bangin’ Brunette

I was a bit wary at first as this pencil was really flat on top, but I’ve found it’s lovely and creamy to apply, and really stays all day when I set it with a gel. It’s also the perfect shade for me, and I’ll be matching other brow pencils to this shade in the future! The only thing I would change is the twist up mechanism, as it’s a little stiff at times.


  • Ultra Satin Lips

I am in love with these lipsticks! The formula does in fact feel super satin-y and not drying on my lips at all! They look pretty much matte when I wear them, but with a tiny bit of a sheen which I really like. My favourite thing about the formula of these liquid lips is that it almost feels like I’m not wearing lipstick at all – they’re really comfortable to wear and last for ages, even when I’m eating and drinking.

  • Lippie Stix in Back Up

This colour!! I’m a huge fan of purple lipsticks and this definitely makes the top five (and I own a lot of purple lipsticks!) Colourpop’s Matte X formula is raved about and I’m here to rave about it too – this is really matte, but not too drying, and feels really comfortable to wear. It’s not transfer proof, but I’m not especially concerned about that as most lipsticks aren’t. I definitely recommend it!

The Likes


  • Creme Gel Liner in Best O

I like this because the colour is so unusual to find in an eyeliner, and that’s what drew me to this in the first place. It’s somewhere in between a warm brown, a plum and a burgundy, and makes for a really individual look for me! I like to wear this with really subtle shadow to make my eyes really pop! The only downside is that the formula is a little too soft and that makes this liner a bit too crumbly.

  • Ultra Matte Lips

These are really nice and super matte, but I definitely prefer the formula of the ultra satin lips way more than these. These I feel are just a little bit too drying for me, and they pick up on every single crease in my lips! The shades are beautiful though, and I’m definitely still going to use them! I’d say clueless is my favourite of the two, as it’s more dusty and rosy, such a pretty day to day shade!

The “Meh’s”


  • Super Shock Blush in Prenup

This is super pretty, but takes a lot of effort to get any colour payoff. It might be the cream to powder formula, but I just cannot get much pigment when using a blush brush to put this on! The only way I can get the colour on my face is if I use my fingers to apply it, which I’ve taken to doing lately. If I buy another Colourpop blush I may go for something brighter as then I’ll be able to go in with a brush and be gentle.

  • Creme Gel Liner in Swerve

I was hoping this would be really super black, nice and opaque, but it’s not the blackest liner I’ve ever used. Swerve has almost a charcoally grey-black look to it, and because of this I don’t find myself reaching for it as much as other pencils I own. (Urban Decay is still my fave). The formula of this is similar to Best O, where it’s just that bit too crumbly for my liking. I’ll use this up most likely, but it’s not going to be a repurchase.

  • Lippie Stix in Rocket

Maybe I picked the wrong shade for this lipstick but it’s definitely not the most flattering colour on me. I sort of stepped outside my comfort zone when I chose this lipstick, and maybe I should have waited and played it safe instead. The formula is nice, really creamy and comfortable, but just not my shade at all! I’ll keep trying this though, maybe it’ll look nice when I’m on holiday and have a bit of a tan!

So there we go – an update and my thoughts on the products I bought from Colourpop! Every brand is going to have it’s hits and misses, but happily most of these are really nice products that I’d recommend anyone should buy – especially the satin lips! For the price, Colourpop is really good value for money and rivals if not beats some drugstore brand faves of mine, and I’m glad that I made an order – even if I did get drowned in customs fees!

What do you guys think of Colourpop and have you tried any products from them before? If you have, what are your faves/fails as far as their products go? Have you tried these products in particular and do you agree with my opinions? Is there anything from Colourpop you recommend me to try out next time? Tell me everything!

As always, please let me know what you think in the comments and anything you want to see from my blog because I really love you guy’s input. Thank you guys for reading, and please don’t forget to give this post a big like and a share if you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you all very soon in the next post! Remember to click that lovely follow button to be updated about anything new from me!

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