Products I’ll Always Repurchase!

Hi my lovelies!

So for today’s post I thought I’d share with you some of my ultimate fave products that I will always repurchase when I run out! It’s nice to see monthly faves, but these are the products that stand the test of time and are staples in my beauty collection. I’d love to see your versions of this too, so feel free to do your own post and tag me so I can read it! I nominate you all to make your own products I always repurchase post!


This is just six of my forever repurchase products, I have more but we’ll start off with these and if you guys want to see more, I’ll gladly do another post!

  • Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub


I love body scrubs, citrusy scents and Soap and Glory products, and what do you get when you put all three together? This scrub from Soap & Glory is something that you’ll always find in my shower, and whatever other scrubs I’m using (coffee scrubs at the moment) I always come back to this one. It smells like sweet lime but not in a sickly or kitchen cleaner-y way, just yummy and delicious! There’s brown sugar to scrub away dead skin, and lovely oils in there to nourish and leave me with soft skin, and the best part is it’s only £8 from Boots!

  • Batiste Dry Shampoo


Another staple product in my beauty arsenal is this dry shampoo from Batiste. I especially like the Blush and Cherry scented ones, but any will do. I use dry shampoo on my in between washes days, just to give a bit of a boost and life to my hair. It’s also a staple when I travel, as I carry a little mini size in my handbag or travel bag. This one isn’t awfully powdery like some, and doesn’t leave a weird looking white cast when used properly. Again, one from the drugstore, so It’s super affordable!

  • Lush Lip Scrub


Matte lipsticks are my favourite, and liquid lipsticks, too! But they definitely take a toll on my lips and dry them out, which is where I need some great lipcare products. This one from Lush is my third little pot of this scrub, and definitely won’t be the last! It’s nice and natural, scrubs off all the dry skin easily (it’s very scrubby if you get what I mean!) and tastes great to boot! The bubblegum one is my fave, but Lush also sell Mint and Popcorn ones, so I’m definitely trying those!

  • Clinique Take the Day off for lids, lashes and lips


This one is my OG favourite, and I can’t even tell you how many of these I have been through over the years. And I’m talking years. I have super sensitive eyes, and my mum has been using this ever since she found Clinique as she’s got allergies to a lot of products (like me but worse!). She bought me some when i got more into makeup, and I haven’t looked back since! I’ve used a lot of micellar waters and makeup removers, as well as removing wipes over the years and none have ever been as gentle and effective as this. It gets off the most longwearing waterproof mascaras without lots of scrubbing and has never ever irritated my eyes like a lot of removers do! My holy grail eye makeup remover right here!

  • Original Beauty Blender


I was a bit late to the Beauty Blender game, as I’ve found this style of sponge to be a little too solid and difficult to blend my makeup in the past. But that was before I tried the one that all the dupes came from: the Original Beauty Blender! I think I stayed away at first because £16 for a sponge seemed a bit excessive to me but it’s well worth the money. This little pink sponge has change my entire view on the makeup sponge game, and I use mine almost every single day to blend out my concealer, and half the time to apply and bland my foundation, too! Before this I was using my fingers or a small blending brush to smooth out concealer, and I can really see the difference (and it’s easier too) in my concealer and how my under eyes look! I love this that much, I already have a spare, just in case!

  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer


I prefer this concealer to any other one I’ve tried, especially for highlighting! In  01 fair, it’s the perfect shade for me as it’s difficult to find one that’s pale enough for underneath my eyes to brighten my complexion up. I use this under my eyes, up my nose and on my forehead to brighten, but not on any blemishes as it’s too pink for spots (I use a more yellow toned concealer for that). The coverage is great, it blends really well and stays really well without creasing! Also, you’d never be able to tell that I got zero sleep the night before and my dark circles have dark circles because it covers them up so well. All that, and it’s under a fiver!

All six of these products have permanent places in my beauty collection, and you’ve got a good mix of beauty and makeup for my first post on this! I love products that go beyond what I expect for the price tag, and these certainly do!

What do you guys think of these products and are any of them in your forever repurchase products? Do you have products that you’ll always repurchase and if you do, what are they and why do you love them so much! Is there anything you recommend that I try out? Tell me everything below! Again, if you want to do your own post on this, I’d love to read it – think of this as a tag post and I nominate you all to do your own!

As always, please let me know what you think in the comments and anything you want to see from my blog because I really love you guy’s input. Thank you guys for reading, and please don’t forget to give this post a big like and a share if you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you all very soon in the next post! Remember to click that lovely follow button to be updated about anything new from me!

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