Review: Sleek Power Plump Lip Pencils!

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So as you’re probably aware of by now, I am ridiculously obsessed with Sleek Makeup’s Solstice Highlighter palette! Lately I’ve been giving this brand a bit more of a try and picked up some of their new Power Plump Lip Pencils from Boots to test out, and that’s what this post is all about!


Product: Tingly lipstick pencils that plump up your lips to make them look fuller for that Kylie Jenner look. These come in six shades and I picked up three from Boots!


 Shades: I bought three of these, in Notorious Nude, Power Pink and Fully Fuschia, which are three super wearable shades for day to day! They also have a berry toned one, a red and a coral shade. Notorious Nude is just that, a pinky brown nude that’s nice and wearable, but a little more sheer than I’d like. Power pink is a gorgeous baby pink shade that’s a go-to shade for work as it’s pretty and glossy, while not being too out there, and It’s one I find myself keeping in my handbag for those touch ups on the go. Fully Fuschia is my favourite of the three, as it’s a beautifully bright pink that’s punchy enough to stand out in the evening, but gives a nice pop of colour in the daytime to brighten up any look.


Packaging: Blink and you’ll think you just bought some high end, NARS style lip pencils because the packaging on this is quite similar in it’s high end look, great quality, and sleek (ha!) to boot. Colours are identified by a little band at the bottom of the pencil, which I really like. There’s nothing worst than having to open every single lipstick to find that one shade you want to wear! The downsides of this packaging? – just one: these pencils are the sharpen style, and not a retractable twist up pencil that I prefer.


Application and Finish: These are tapered enough at the end to line your lips with, and then easy enough to apply precisely and quickly to the rest of your lips which is great in my opinion! All three of the shades I bought have a nice satin finish, a little glossy without being sticky which is a big thumbs up from me. Normally I go fully matte or super glossy, so these pencils are the happy middle in between. Around 30 seconds after you apply these, it will start to tingle pretty strongly which is something I’m really not used to! I only have one other product that’s supposed to plump my lips and that one is a gloss so I was really excited to try this! It’s pretty heavy on the tingle front but the feeling fades after a little while.

Wearability and Lasting Power: These don’t have the staying power of a liquid lipstick, but I didn’t expect a normal lipstick to stay all day! I put this on in the morning and it lasted quite well until about lunch time, and I reapplied after lunch. They don’t fade patchily, it’s quite even from the inside of the lips out, although there is a bit of transfer when drinking etc. These do feel really moisturising though, and I felt my lips did look a lot plumper after using the lip pencils, especially my top lip, which can be a little thin at times!

Anything Else? These pencils are scented, but I can’t explain exactly how they smell! It’s partly fruity, partly fresh – a bit like a minty pineapple, if that makes any sense. The scent doesn’t last for too long, so it’s not going to linger around and give you a headache, which I’ve found some scented products do.


Price: Normally £5.49, They’re currently on a £1 off deal, and Sleek is 3 for 2 at the moment, so I got three lipsticks for just £8.98! You can get them from (shipping worldwide), Boots online or in store,

What’s the verdict? For the price, these are really nice. They do what it says on the tin,  a lovely wash of colour with a tingly, plumped up effect. They don’t stay too long, but when I pay around £3 for a lipstick, I really don’t mind having to reapply during the day. My favourite is definitely the fuschia one as it’s super bright and transfers really well for day into evening if I’m going out after work! The tingly, buzzing feeling lasts a little longer than I thought it would, which is a little weird for me as I’m not used to plumping products, but i can see myself reaching for these again and again! Well done to Sleek!

So there we have the new Sleek Power Plump Lip Pencils! What do you guys think? Have any of you guys tried these lipsticks – or any other plumping lipsticks? Are there any great ones/ones to avoid and what are your fave products from Sleek, because I’m looking forward to trying out more! Let me know in the comments!

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