My Current Night Time Skincare Routine! (Ft. A lot of Clinique)

Hi my lovelies,

I’m on a blogging spree this week! In my attempt to make up for a week and a half of nothing last month, I’m going to try and get at least three-four posts up each week if I can, so wish me luck fitting this in with everything else! I’m done with classes for summer, but I still work 40 hours a week so I’m really having to work at this whole blog thing lately!

For today’s post, I’m sharing my nightly skincare routine with you all! This swaps and changes depending on my skin and the time of year, but this one is my current array of night time products, and I thought it would be something different to share with you guys!


Step 1 – Remove My Makeup

We all know how bad it is for your skin to sleep in makeup, so I take mine off every night with Clinique’s Take the Day Off products (they’re the best I’ve tried!). I use Take the day off for lids, lashes & lips on a cotton pad to remove any eye makeup I’m wearing, especially mascara; along with any liquid lipstick I may have on. Regular lipstick wears off during the day but liquid lips have to be removed completely with an oil based remover, which this one is. You don’t have to do a lot of scrubbing, as the oil does all the work in breaking down the makeup!

clinique take the day off.jpg

Afterwards, I use Clinique’s Take the day off Cleansing Milk to remove all of my other makeup. You can see I’m almost out of this and definitely need to repurchase! I use a couple of pumps of this into my hand, then apply onto my face and massage into my skin. My makeup just melts off using this, and I’m definitely a convert from makeup wipes to a liquid cleanser!

If it’s a light or no makeup day, over the past couple of weeks I’ve been using Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water instead, just to get all of the oil and grime away before having a proper cleanse. I’ve been a little wary about using this in the past, as my skin is super sensitive and I’m prone to reactions, but I’ve found it’s gentle and does the job of getting my light makeup off pretty easily! I like how it’s easy to squirt just how much you want to use straight onto a cotton pad!

Step 2 – Cleanse

liz earle cleanse and polish.jpg

After I’ve taken my makeup off, I like to have a good ol’ cleanse. My favourite cleanser to use at the moment is my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish as it’s natural, great for my sensitive skin, and just an excellent cleanser all around. Using a hot muslin cloth to remove this cream cleanser really helps with the exfoliation and grabs onto any dead skin to make my complexion smoother and softer! This is a cleanser that I will keep going back to no matter what!

Step 3 (Optional) – Face Mask

After I cleanse is normally the time I like to use a face mask, if I’m using one in the evening. Night Time masks are usually something moisturising, or oil control/pore minimising for me, and depending on the time, how long the mask needs to soak in, and how tired I am this is the perfect time for me to use them! Overnight masks are something I’ve used in the past and will probably go back to, also!

Step 4 – Moisturise


I tend not to use any sort of toner at night time, as I don’t want anything harsh on my skin before bed. However, a good night time moisturiser is something I’m definitely on the hunt for! Lately I’ve been using Clinique’s Turnaround Overnight Revitalising Moisturiser and really liking the effect it’s having on my skin so far. My little sample pot is almost out, so I may have to splurge on the full size of this soon! I did get an Elemis night cream in my Birchbox this month (spoiler!) so I’ll try that one out before committing! If you guys can recommend me a great night cream or serum, I’d be super grateful for any suggestions!

I also like to use lip balm before bed, especially if I’ve been wearing a matte or liquid lipstick, as those tend to be the most drying on my lips. My favourite lip balm is this one from Carmex as it moisturises loads, and has healing ingredients and menthol to soothe my lips if they’re chapped or damaged. Another plus is that it only costs a few pounds, too!

I’ve found this routine works best for me, and it helps my skin to stay moisturised, but not too oily, which is great! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, as It’s a little bit different for my blog! Let me know if you want a daily (work) makeup routine or a morning skincare routine too, as I’d be happy to share it with you! Also, what is your nightly skincare routine like? Similar or different to mine? Are there any products you swear by using at night time and do you have any recommendations for me (especially night creams or serums!)? Tell me everything!

As always, please let me know what you think in the comments and anything you want to see from my blog because I really love you guy’s input. Thank you guys for reading, and please don’t forget to give this post a big like and a share if you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you all very soon in the next post! Remember to click that lovely follow button to be updated about anything new from me!

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    • beautybyjessblog says:

      Clinique started doing wipes and I was like wow I need these and then found out they were £16 so didn’t get them! I just find a cleanser is a lot more gentle on my skin, and I don’t need to scrub away! Xo


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