Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette and Lipsticks – First Impressions and Swatches!

Hi my lovelies,

Today is the day I have waited for ever since its announcement: The new Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette is mine! I was buzzing with excitement the night before this went on sale, and ordered it along with two of the lipsticks as soon as it was released! As you all may know, Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite things ever in the entire world, so I knew this had to be mine!

This post is going to be my first impressions and thoughts on the palette and lipsticks, and swatches of all of the shades!


The packaging is kaleidoscope inspired and super colourful which given the wacky and wonderful setting of the movie, I think it fits really well. There’s also a big theme of butterflies in this palette, as the caterpillar and metamorphosis is a big theme through the book and I hope the movie too!


The inside lid has a mid sized mirror, set to a background of melting clocks which looks a little scary but really cool. The mirror has “We’re all Mad here” etched on it, which I love too! Inside there’s one of my favourite quotes from the book which says: “I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours”. I think this really fits well with UD as a brand as it resonates with being bold and not caring what others think and just being you.


Then you open it up, and where you would think the shadows would be, there’s a huge pop up butterfly! As you open and close the sort of shutters, the butterfly appears to flap it’s wings, too. Some may find this a little gimmicky, but I think it ties in really well with the Alice theme and makes a real statement!


Now to the part that’s the most important: The shadows! In here are 20 brand new shades created just for this palette, and there are some great neutral shades, highlight shades, and as expected from this palette – lots and lots of bold colours! There’s also a double ended brush in there, which I really like the addition of as UD brushes are really great quality!

Each column in the palette is themed around a different character from the movie, from L-R Alice, The Mad Hatter, Mirana (the white queen), Iracebeth (The red queen) and Time. Urban Decay say you can use the columns to “Steal their looks” or use your own combinations for loads more creations!




The shades in this column are more neutral and dainty, with a big pop of colour from the  iconic blue shade that Alice is synonymous with in the shade Metamorphosis. We have:

  • Looking Glass – A pale pink shade, halfway between matte and shimmer
  • Reflection – A pale peachy matte shade
  • Dormouse – Warm brown matte shade with flecks of glitter
  • Metamorphosis – Alice’s signature blue with some tiny micro glitter


Mad Hatter


This column is based around the most colourful character, The Mad Hatter, and deservably it has the most colourful shades! All four of these are seriously bright and insanely pigmented! We have:

  • Hatter – A super bright green glittery shade
  • Gone Mad – A deep aubergine purple shimmer
  • Paradox – A Vivid orange with a pearlescent shimmer
  • Cake – A Bright fuschia pink with silvery micro glitter





Mirana is the white queen (played by Anne Hathaway in the movie), and this eye look is mostly neutral, but the lipstick that goes with this is super super bold (I bought it and swatched below), so this eyeshadow look is full of super shimmery bronzey shades! We have

  • Lily – A pearlescent pink-white shade
  • Duchess – Gold shimmer with pinky peach undertones
  • Kingdom – A bronzey peach shimmer with a pearly finish
  • Chessboard – A warm, mid toned brown matte shade



iracebeth-horz.jpgIracebeth, better known as The Red queen in the movie, this eyeshadow look is bold, guys! I’ll admit on first look and swatch of this palette, the burgundy/terracotta shade Salazen Grum made it for me. It is the most gorgeous shade and totally amazing on the eyes! The shades in this column are:

  • Heads Will Roll -A  Bright turquoise shade with gold glitter
  • Bandersnatch – A deep navy/teal matte shade
  • Salazen Grum – A deep metallic butgundy/terracotta
  • Royal Flush – A shimmery champagne shade





Time is not only a big theme in Through The Looking Glass, it’s an actual character! These shades are smoky and dark, with loads of shimmer and glitter! We have:

  • Time – Pewter/Navy shade with iridescent glitter
  • Dream On – Metallic purple with silver undertones and micro glitter
  • Chronosphere –  Deep metallic bronze
  • Mirror – Pale charcoal grey satin with brown undertones




Overall this has some ah-maaaazing shades and I’m so glad to have it in my beauty arsenal! Summer is the time to experiment with brighter shades and this is the perfect palette for that! The shades are super buttery and smooth to apply, there are only a couple of shades (Dream on, Duchess), That are more glittery and harder to work with. I tried out an orangey smoky eye focusing on the shades Salazen Grum and Paradox, and they blended beautifully! With so much glitter in this palette, there’s bound to be a bit of fallout, so be aware of that one, too! I really cannot wait to get into this palette and start playing around with the colours in here!

I also bought two of the lipsticks in the collection, Mad Hatter and Mirana.


Mad Hatter is a seriously bold metallic purple. With the Hatter being a really colourful 20160508_105956.jpgcharacter, it’s only fitting that the lipstick is, too! The texture is a little gritty due to the amount of glitter and the metallic nature of the lipstick which makes it a little more difficult to work with, but it’s worth it because this colour is gorgeous! I wore it yesterday while out doing some shopping, and got stopped by a couple of people and complimented in it which is super nice!

Mirana is a deep, burgundy metallic shade, sort of a throwback to 90’s grunge but with a Wonderland edge in there. Mirana is known in the movie for her ice white skin and bold lips, so this lippy is perfect for that! Again this is metallic so the formula is a little drier, but the colour is seriously cool!

So that was my first impressions and swatches of the Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette and Lipsticks!  What do you all think of this palette? Want to see any looks/tutorials using these? Do you have this palette and if you do, what are your fave shades/looks from it?

As always, please let me know what you think in the comments and anything you want to see from my blog because I really love you guy’s input. I’m currently trying out my beauty blender against the RT sponge for a review, so look out for that one in a week or two!

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