I finally got myself a Beauty Blender!

Hi my lovelies!

So this post is just a short one to say that I finally did it! I got a Beauty Blender!

After such a long time deliberating over whether to buy one or not, I was super excited when it arrived in the post and can’t wait to try it out!


I’ve been looking at this and thinking about getting it for ages, all of you guys and beauty vloggers, experts and makeup gurus have been raving about this for a while, and while it was really tempting, I didn’t want to shell out £16 for a sponge to have it not work out for me.

Needless to say, when I realised my Birchbox points were expiring soon, I thought “What the hell” and added this into my basket. I also picked out a little goodie from Benefit (Spoiler for the next post! – you can check it out over on Instagram) that’s brand new and soooooo lovely! – Not bad for free, eh?


Anyway, let me know if you want to see a review and what I think after I’ve tried this out, as me and blending sponges aren’t often the best of friends and I tend to use brushes instead. I also have the Real Techniques sponge and there’s a Spectrum blending sponge coming in next month’s Birchbox (Sneak peek!), so if you want to see a review of them side by side and which I think is best, tell me down in the comments!


So I did it! Finally I have a Beauty Blender! Have you guys used a beauty blender before and what do you think? Any little tips and tricks for me to try when I’m using this? Are there any other makeup sponges that you’d recommend or that you hated? Leave a lovely comment to let me know!

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Ciao for now,



29 thoughts on “I finally got myself a Beauty Blender!

  1. saturdayonwednesday says:

    I have tried a few different ones but so far I loved the Real techniques the most. Although I haven’t tried the original one yet (planning on it soon as I have replaced the brushes for foundation completely) I heard the original is the best! 🙂

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  2. TheMakeupCase17 says:

    I love my Beauty Blender. I actually have more than one so I can go back & forth between them so they don’t get worn out as fast. The BB is a total game changer. I hardly reach for my foundation brushes anymore. I have the RT sponge too but I like the BB better. The BB doesn’t absorb a ton of product like the RT one does.

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  3. lizzgold says:

    LOVE the Beauty Blender! I read a really good tip the other week that said to keep the little tube packet, when you wash it it’ll expand obviously so when it’s wet you just pop it on top then when it dries it’ll just fall down into the tube. Wish I’d kept mine now!



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