Say goodbye to writer’s block with these 20 handy beauty blog post ideas!!

Hi my lovelies,

So you’re struggling to find inspiration on what to write next? We’ve all been there.

The thing about blogging is that you feel like you’ve got to find fresh, new ideas for every single post, and finding posts that others haven’t done already is nigh on impossible. What they don’t have is your perspective. Even if you think a topic has been done to death, put your own little spin on it to make it different! I’ve wracked my brain to think of 20 ideal posts to combat your writers block!



  1. Show us what products you use and love! It’s always interesting to see what make up bag staples people have. It’s also really useful to do a review of something you already own – that way you don’t have to go out and spend more money either!
  2. Review new products! Whether it’s a brand new product, or just something that’s new to you, let your readers know what your first impressions are!
  3. Makeup Must Haves – similar to the above, let your readers know what is absolutely worth buying. Your Holy Grail products may be brand new to others!
  4. Disappointing products/products you regret buying – Everyone has products gathering dust in a drawer somewhere because they were awful. Let others know about your experience with them so they don’t make the same mistakes!
  5. Top 5/10’s – Always a popular post, and it doesn’t even have to be beauty related! You could share your top Books, Tv shows, Lipsticks, Places to eat, Nail polishes, Fave bloggers/youtubers, people who inspire you, eyeshadow palettes, perfumes – the list is never ending. And if you’re passionate about something, your post will show that!
  6. Makeup Tutorials – Whether that be your daily makeup, getting ready for a special event, celeb inspired makeup or anything else. They’re fab little posts that you can do any day!
  7. Save or Splurge? Comparing high end to drugstore products you own is a good way to both help with your writers block and engage your readers. Win-win!
  8. Skincare/Haircare saviours! Tell us what your fave skincare or haircare products are and how they help your skin/hair!
  9. Haul posts! A personal favourite of mine to read! I love seeing what people have gone out and bought, and they’re really simple to do! This could be anything from makeup, skincare, clothes, books, etc.
  10. The best products for: Skin types, hair types/colours, seasons, purposes. Basically anything! For example: The best cleansers for combination skin, or The best red lipstick for your skin tone. The world (or blog) is your oyster!
  11. What’s in my…? Makeup bag, vanity, bathroom, handbag, suitcase… These posts are so simple to do when you’re stuck for inspiration. Just tip out all the stuff out of your bag, and tell us what it is!
  12. How to’s. E.g how to get silky smooth hair, how to brighten your skin, how to contour, how to get the perfect cat eye eyeliner flick. You’ll not only be able to brush up your own skills, and surprise yourself with just how much you know, people looking for answers to their beauty questions will come to your blog!
  13. Your routines: A day in the life, how you get ready in the morning, getting dolled up for a night out, morning/night skincare routines! Something you do a lot and will find it super easy to write about!
  14. Favourites! Especially at the end of each month, favourites posts are really popular! Just talk your readers through what you have been loving for the last month! (You can check out my January Faves post for inspo)
  15. The £20/$20 makeup challenge! Essentially go into the store with £20/$20 and put together a whole makeup look for just that money! This is surprisingly difficult to do, but it doesn’t cost you a lot and it’s really fun!
  16. Beauty Box Unboxings – Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes/bags such as Birchbox, Glossybox, Ipsy etc? Let your readers know what you got this time around and what you thought of it! You can even turn this into a regular monthly post on your blogs!
  17. Beauty Wishlist. What are the products you’re lusting after? If you won the lottery, what beauty goodies would you buy first? On the more affordable end, what are you planning on buying soon?
  18. Makeup/Beauty/Style Hacks! Embrace your inner Pinterest and let your readers know any little tips and tricks you use that they may not know about. Everyone has them, so share yours!
  19. Do a Q&A or FAQ about yourself. If you’ve had a blog for a while, or are just starting out, its really lovely to tell your followers, old and new, a bit about yourself. Try a post like “10 facts you might not know about me” or prompt your followers to ask questions about you and answer them!
  20. Collaborate with another blogger. While you may be fresh out of ideas, a blogging friend or blog you follow might not be. See if you can do a post as a pair, or bounce ideas off one another to get the best post. Who knows, you may even get some new followers out of it!

So there we have it, 20 beauty blog post inspirations to knock the socks off your writer’s block!

What did you think? Going to use any of these ideas? Let me know in the comments so I can read your posts! Also let me know if you have any other ideas for blog posts for those of us with writer’s block!

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