Review: GOSH Cosmetics – New Beauty Arrivals SS16!!

Hi my lovelies!

So the other week I entered a twitter competition with Superdrug to win a selection of GOSH‘s brand new SS16 collection – and won! Now I love GOSH lipsticks (one of theirs is my fave lipstick at the minute!) so was really excited to try out some more from the range as I haven’t used a lot of GOSH products before!


I’ve tried all of these products out a few times so I can give my informed opinion of them! Keep reading to find out about these gorgeous things!

Included in my goodie bag were:

  • To Be Cool In Copenhagen matte eyeshadow palette


What I liked: The shades are really cool toned, and feature nine gorgeous matte shades, in a fab array from base shades to more statement ones! It’s really compact, and clicks shut so I think it’d be great for travel too! The shadows are also really quite pigmented, and I think this is a great price for the amount of product you get! I love the icy blue-grey and the pale lilac-taupe shades so much!

What I didn’t like: the matte black shade (bottom right in the palette) has quite a bit of fallout when used. DO NOT attempt to use this palette with even a slightly wet shadow brush as it will ruin the shadows!

Swatches – Top to bottom, left to right


Overall I think I will get quite a bit of use out of this palette, I love a matte shadow and there’s a fab range of colours so you can adapt from day to night!

This is out now at Superdrug and retails for £10.99

  • Rebel Eyes mascara


What I liked: I was super excited to see a mascara in the little box, as I love trying out new mascaras! The tube described it as a Long-Wear, volume mascara, and long wear it is. It lasts all day, and gives the volume and definition I like to have, while being non clumpy!

What I didn’t like: The new mascara from GOSH does need a little bit of work to get the volume you want, so if you’re just a “one coat and done” sort of girl, maybe this isn’t the one for you.


Overall I really like this mascara, it reminds me a little of the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara that I (and everyone else on the planet) loves! The wand (above) is pretty similar too, and I think I could be repurchasing this when it runs out! It has something called Sea Buckthorn in it, which is an oil to protect your lashes, so hopefully long lasting and non damaging to eyes in the long run!

This isn’t on sale yet, (I think), but will retail for £8.99.

  • Matte lipstick in Smoothie


What I liked: Just about everything. I really like GOSH’s matte lipsticks, their Matt Rose is my fave at the moment, a gorgeous pinky ‘your lips but better’ colour. In my little goodie bag, I received the shade Smoothie, which is more of a pinky red shade (bit like a strawberry smoothie, ironically) I love the formulation of these lipsticks, creamy and moisturising while still being matte, which is fantastic as a lot of high street matte lipsticks are very drying. The scent is gorgeous too, a sort of vanilla-cocoa scent which I love, although it makes me crave chocolate!

What I didn’t: Nothing – go buy one!

There are already lots of shades on sale at the moment, more to be released soon. They retail at £6.99 and I think I will be buying more of these! (The plummy colour looks ah-mazing!)

  • Illuminating Primer Plus Skin Perfector


What I liked: I was a bit doubting of this at first, as when swatched it was a yellowy colour on the skin. When I applied to my face pre-foundation, I didn’t see a lot of difference. However, It really shone (literally) after I applied foundation on top. I found it gave my skin a lovely dewey glow, which I didn’t expect. It felt quite moisturising on my face, and my foundation didn’t look cakey on top!

What I didn’t like: It tingled quite a bit when I put it on – so i’m not sure about the effects it’ll have on my very sensitive skin. Also if you’re using a very light coverage or tinted moisturiser base, your skin could look a little greasy with both products on. I noticed that after a while my skin looked a little oily with this on. I also have to mention the price – this retails for almost £15, which is an in-between price range. You can pick up the new Rimmel primer for around £7, with brands like Maybelline, Soap & Glory, and Bourjois weighing in at around the £10 mark – this seems a little expensive for a high street primer, but a bit less than a high end one – I have a feeling people will go for a more affordable primer.

Overall: I’ve only used this twice so far, but I like the glowey effect it gives. Only time will tell if it’ll break me out.

This is a little more pricey, at £14.49, but out now, so go into Superdrug and have a swatch!


  • Lumi Drops in Peach


What I liked: These were super user friendly – a couple of drops on your fingertip then blend blend blend! I thought these gave a super glow and shimmer, with just a hint of colour. A fab drugstore alternative to a pricey highlighter. I also like that they’re liquid, so you can control how much you use easily with the little dropper.

What I didn’t like: The colour I received (Peach) is more of a warmer toned highlighter, which would be perfect for warmer weather. However, as it’s february, i’m much more into lighter toned highlighters, so maybe a lighter colour (i believe there’s a vanilla, which is a glossy silver toned colour, which I may try for a while until the weather gets warmer)

These are out now and retail for £7.99 (bargain!)

  • Lip Oil in #2 Sea Buckthorn and #4 Raspberry

What I liked: These were strange ones as a concept, but boy, do I love them. Essentially, they remove the worst part about wearing lip gloss – the stickiness. These new formulations give non sticky shine that lasts a long time. Similar to the Clarins lip oils (but far more affordable) these are fab for over lipstick or on their own for a natural shine. They also feel quite moisturising.

What i didn’t like: I was sent two shades – 002 Sea Buckthorn and 004 Raspberry. While the shine was very nice, these were barely pigmented, and I didn’t really see the difference in shade when applied to my lips, especially if over lipstick.

Overall, I reckon i’ll get quite a bit of use out of these – although I may have only needed the one as there isn’t much difference in my opinion. They smell lovely though!

When they go on sale, these will retail for £7.49

  • Matte shadow sticks in Dark Brown and Twisted Brown

What I liked: Although these are in crayon form, they’re still super matte while remaining creamy and blendable. The Dark brown one may be a little too dark for everyday wear, but I love the twisted brown one, a gorgeous taupe with a little bit of lilac undertones. Definitely something I will use a lot! The colour lasts for ages without creasing, which is great, and I love that these are twist up crayons, I really don’t like when they have to be sharpened!

What I didn’t like: Not much – these were super easy to use and the colour lasted. The only thing I will say is the darker one was really quite dark indeed and I’ll get more use out of the lighter toned shade.

Already out in more colours than just these two (these are the new shades), they retail for £6.29.

What’s the verdict?

Overall I think this is a pretty good range for a high street brand like GOSH to bring out. There are some fab new items such as the Lumi drops and Lip oils that I haven’t seen before – looking forward to seeing what GOSH bring out next as they’re fab and also affordable!

My faves: Rebel Eyes Mascara, Lipstick, Lumi Drops, Shadow Palette. 

Maybe give it a miss: Illuminating primer. I just think for almost £15, it’s quite pricey, and you can find better high street primers that cost less.

So there we have it: my review of the new SS16 range from GOSH cosmetics! I’m so lucky to have gotten to try this stuff out, some of it before it gets released. It really fits with the glowey, natural theme of 2016 so far, while still being scandi-chic!

What do you think of these products? Tried anything from GOSH before? Going to give any of these a try? Let me know in the comments! Also, if there are any similar items I should look out for, let me know!

Also, if there are any posts you’d like to see from me in the future, let me know. Ultimately, I want to make posts people will want to read, so your input is so valuable to me!

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