Mani of the week: Ice-Cream inspired pastel Nails!

Hey everyone!

This post is a little late this week, partly because I loved last week’s nails so much that I kept the polish on for a little longer! The other reason is that I was way too excited about my first Look Incredible beauty box, so I wrote that post first! You can check out my thoughts on that one HERE for the blog post and HERE for the video!

I’m looking forward to spring, so this week’s nails were pastel and ice-cream inspired! I used a mix of mint green, lilac and cornflower blue polishes, and the end effect is really lovely!


At first I thought the blue was going to be too dark a colour, but as you can see from the above image, it’s just pale enough to look great! I’m a massive fan of pastel nails, especially in spring and summer, so you can look forward to more pastel coloured nails from me in the future!



The shades I used (from left to right)

  • Rimmel Nail Nurse base and top coat – I’ve sung the praises of this before, a fab multi use product and gives my nails a lovely professional shine when used as a top coat! A great option if you’re not wanting to spend loads of money! (It was £4.49, i think!)
  • Rimmel x Rita Ora polish in Go Wild-er-ness – A gorgeous lilac shade that is one of my favourites! For the price, Rimmel make fantastic nail polishes, and they only cost a couple of pounds!
  • Lola Ultra shine nail polish in Bluebell – This was a brand I’d never heard of before, I actully bought this in my local M&S beauty section! I fell in love with this colour, a gorgeous cornflower blue. Normally these polishes are £8, but I got mine on sale in January. Thinner than I expected, but colour payoff is great!
  • Barry M quick dry nail polish in Road Rage – Barry M does such an amazing range of colours in their nail polish range! I especially love all the pastel colours and plan on getting more after using this amazing mint green. Has quite a thick formulation in comparison to the Rimmel polish, which could bubble easily with an unsteady hand. The colour, however is really striking and this is a polish I’ll definitely be using again!


Overall my favourite polish I used in this look was the Barry M mint green polish in “Road Rage”. It is such a lovely colour and works really well with the other polishes I used. Like I said, the formulation is a tad thick but I managed to get it on really smoothly. I think it’s so cute how all of the quick dry polishes from Barry M have car-related names like Turbo-Charged, Lap of Honour and Full Throttle!

What did you think of this week’s nail look? Have you tried any of these polishes before, or have any brands or shades to recommend to me? Let me know in the comments!

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See you soon everyone!

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