Review – Clinique Sweet Pots!

Hey guys!

So if you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you’ll be aware that I freakin’ love Clinique products, and when they first announced these little beauties I just had to get one!

Clinique’s new Sweet Pots are a brand new, 2 in 1 lip scrub and balm, packaged in the most adorable little macaroon-like pot! They were exclusive to Debenhams, but are now available everywhere Clinique is sold! I spent ages going back and forth to Debenhams only to find the colour I wanted was sold out every time I went in! But last week, I finally got my hands on one!

clinique pot 1.jpg

I bought the colour Candied Cassis, which is a darker plum colour, as that’s the sort of lipstick shade I usually go for. A berry toned lip colour flatters my skin, as I’m quite pale.

Firstly the lip scrub.

clinique scrub.jpg

This one is a sugar based scrub, that exfoliates lips to get rid of all the dry, dead skin that builds up. It tastes sweet, because of the sugar in there, but as it’s a sugar scrub, I can’t help but want a sweet scent along with it! Clinique’s makeup isn’t scented like most brands, which I normally like, but I feel like a scent could work for these products! Overall, the scrub works just as well as my Lush lip scrub, but isn’t as grainy, which is fab!

Second – The balm.

clinique gloss.jpg

I really like the texture and silkiness of this lip balm, it applies really easily and moisturises so well without being sticky, which is difficult to do! I also think it has fab staying power, leaving my lips smooth and glossy for a long time! The only thing I think lets this product down is the colour payoff. As a balm/gloss, I wasn’t expecting massively pigmented colour, but I was still hoping to have some sort of plum colour on my lips after using both products. There’s a little pinky-ness to my lips after putting this on (shown below), but I feel that if I were to go and buy another colour in this, it would have mostly the same effect as the colour is really subtle. I may go and buy another one to test that theory out, but i’m quite happy to put this on on it’s own for a more natural lookor over lipstick for a non-sticky shine.


Overall, if you’re looking for amazing pigmentation and bright colours, I wouldn’t go for this one, but as a lip scrub it works brilliantly, and the gloss side makes my lips look lovely and shiny! The packaging is great and compact, and is really good especially in winter for my dry and weather worn lips!

Clinique Sweet Pots cost £15, and I think it’s a pretty good product for the price point, as a good quality lip scrub and gloss would cost more then this when combined. It comes in six different shades, including Clinique’s infamous Black Honey (which i may just go for next!)

Wanna find out more about this product? Visit or if you’re in the US. They sell these at any Clinique counter too, so if you’re near one, go check them out!


My rating: 4/5!!!


So that was my review of the new Clinique Sweet Pots, let me know in the comments if you’ve tried these and what you think, or if there are any similar products I should know about! Give it a like and a share if you enjoyed it!

See you all soon my little chickadees!

Ciao for now,



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