Advice please!

So I’m looking at buying a facial oil/serum or maybe an overnight treatment oil… does anyone have any recommendations for me?
There are so many on the market at the minute so I’m like a child in a sweet shop!
I’d appreciate any suggestions so I can look into it further!
Let me know either in the comments or on twitter!!

Thanks guys!

Ciao for now!



7 thoughts on “Advice please!

  1. Concept Iridescent says:

    I’ve been using the Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate from Clarins. It’s really calming and my blemishes have faded a little. It’s fine if you don’t have any scars, it’s not intended for that anyway.

    I also heard really good reviews about the Oils for life from the Body Shop. I didn’t use it myself yet, but everyone who does have only positive comments on it.

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    • beautybyjessblog says:

      I’ve got combination skin so sometimes dry, sometimes oily.
      I wanted one of these to moisturise overnight etc without my skin going too oily. I feel like over the winter, my skin has gone really dull too, so maybe something that’ll give a bit of a glow?


      • TheMakeupCase17 says:

        Have you considered a sleep mask? Sephora makes some decent ones. They have a gel consistency and you apply a thin layer on your face before going to bed then you rinse off anything left over the next morning. I have a review of the green tea one on my blog.

        For a serum, I highly recommend the OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid serum. I have a review of that on my blog as well. I noticed a visible change in my skin using it.


  2. Mary B says:

    For a serum I would recommend you Swedish brand Emma S, though her internet shop if pretty expensive..otherwise I am a big fan of Kiehls hydro-plumping serum and the Barefoot SOS Repair facial oil, though the later smells a bit of fish…I have all the reviews up on my blog, if you are still looking:) otherwise hope you found the perfect match for your skin:) /Mary


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