What’s in my makeup bag? (Part one)

So you guys wanted to see what was in my makeup bag. Easy task, I thought, to show you all what beauty and makeup products I use a lot. I was so wrong.

I didn’t realise just how many products I own, let alone use on the regular. So I’ve decided to split this post up into three parts, with different parts focusing on different products. I want to tell you about this stuff, rather than just listing off names, so splitting this post up seemed like the most sensible option.

So on to the first part! – Brushes, Bases and Powders!

First off – Brushes. An integral part of any makeup routine. It’s really important to have great brushes for a fab look!

These are just the brushes that I use the most, I have loads more (seriously)! Please excuse the fact that I forgot to clean them this week!ma1

From top to bottom:

  • Real Techniques Buffing Brush – fab for buffing in foundation for a flawless look! I really rate RT and use this brush loads for almost everything (it’s such a multi-tasker)
  • Wilko Short Stippling Brush – Great for any powder application, or blending in contours! I was looking for a new one and nowhere in town had the Real Techniques one I wanted, so I gave this a go. It’s super soft and was only £4 – a real steal as I think it’s great!
  • Real Techniques Bold Metals 103 Angled Powder Brush – I was really daunted by this at first, but now I love it! Its brilliant for putting on bronzer and powders, as the brush is angled to the contours of my face.
  • Clinique Foundation Brush – An oldie but a goodie, this paints on my foundation perfectly. It doesn’t collect too much product in the bristles and is really soft and smooth. A tad more expensive at £24 but well worth it!
  • Real Techniques Bold Metals 300 tapered blush brush – Pretty self explanatory, but I love the tapered edges as it helps me get a really precise blush – there’s nothing worse than putting on too much blush and looking like a clown, but this works really well.
  • Real Techniques Bold Metals 200 Oval shadow brush – The third brush in my RT bold metals set – I’ve included all 3 in here because I love them so much! This one is a fab all round eyeshadow brush, great for blending and base colours! I did a full review of these brushes in an earlier post, which you can find HERE 
  • Smashbox Shadow Crease Brush +Smashbox Eyebrow/Liner brush – I got a set of Smashbox brushes for Christmas, and these two are my faves from it! The crease brush is ah-mazing, I would recommend it to anyone. It blends so well, is really soft but also quite sturdy in that it gets shadow where you want it and nowhere that you don’t! The liner/brow brush (I use it mostly for brows) is quite sturdy, and it tapers so you can get a perfect angled line.
  • Real Techniques Kabuki Brush – I’m using this to apply my setting powder with as the brush that came with the Clinique powder was a little bit rubbish (sorry Clinique I love the product but not the brush). The RT Kabuki works wonders and gets my powder on perfectly without it going everywhere.

On to Bases, Blushes and Powders!


As you can see, all but one of these products are from Clinique. Mostly because I am almost never disappointed with Clinique products, and I love how their products look and feel on my skin. I’ve been using the same foundation for a few years now, and It works wonders!

From Left to Right:

  • Clinique Superprimer with colour corrector for redness – A fantastic buy if you have redness or suffer with blemishes from time to time. I was recommended this over the standard primer and I love it. Even if i’m just going for a light look with just a little concealer and powder, this is fab and works a treat!
  • Clinique Line smoothing concealer in shade 02 – A new one for me, but I already love it. It blends with my skin tone so well, and covers any dark circles under my eyes and occasional blemishes really well! I love the applicator too!
  • Clinique Superbalanced foundation in shade 27 Alabaster – This is the most stable thing in my makeup collection. I circulate so many eyeshadows, lipsticks and mascaras, but this is always there. I’ve been using it for about three years and haven’t looked back since. I’d seriously recommend this to anyone if you want a more full coverage foundation.
  • Max Factor Creme Puff blush in Seductive Pink – This is a new one too, and I’ve fallen in love with it! I’ve been so envious of the Hourglass ambient lighting blushes, and this looks like it’s supposed to be a dupe for those. £28 is a little steep for a blush, so when I saw this in Boots for £8.99 I snapped it up! Seductive Pink is a great shade, shimmery with just enough colour in it! They have other colours too, and I may just get a couple more!  Link here if you want to have a look at them!
  • Clinique Blended face powder in Transparency 2 – I use this as a setting powder on top of makeup, or on it’s own with a little concealer for a really natural look or if i’m not feeling putting on lots of makeup. The brush that comes with it is a tad rubbish, but the powder itself if fabulous. Instantly mattifies your makeup with no traces of oil, and lasts all day. A winner for me!
  • Clinique Shimmering tones powder in 01 Pink Chocolate – This one is getting to the end of its life now, which is really sad as I love it. I keep trying new blushers and bronzers and naturally gravitate back to this. It has a great mix of colours, and isn’t too dark for me as i’m quite pale. Clinique don’t sell these any more, which is a shame, as I’d love another one when i need to throw this one away!

So there we have it, these are my favourite Brushes, Bases, Powders and Blushes! These are the ones i’ll choose to use more than others, with the exception of the Primer and Foundation. I swear by those and won’t change until there’s something that actually blows my mind because I love them so much!

Some handy links if you want to look at or buy any of these products!

Boots Website || Clinique Website || Wilko Beauty Section || Smashbox || RT Brushes

The next part of this post will be all about eyes! Namely Eyeshadow Palettes, Eyeliners, Mascara, and other goodies that I love! I’ll post that one in a couple of days as I have an accountancy exam on Wednesday morning and will be prepping for that all of tomorrow and then probably sobbing into my scarf Wednesday night.

Let me know in the comments if you love/hate any of these products, or have any brushes or bases that you love and think I should try! Give it a like if you enjoyed it and keep your eyes peeled for part two!

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Ciao for now,


6 thoughts on “What’s in my makeup bag? (Part one)

  1. tatikprice says:

    Hi Jess – I am intrigued by the Clinique Superprimer with colour corrector for redness – with my rosacea it might be a good one to try! I have ordered the NYX green tea oil blotting paper you have recommended 🙂 Thanks for a great blog post!
    Natalya ❤ tatikprice.wordpress.com ❤

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