Christmas Party Couture!

As the festive period is upon us, my first post is going to be about everyone’s favourite part of the holidays – impressing people at your office/family/friendship group gatherings over the last couple of weeks in December.

As it’s close to Christmas already, office parties will have already occurred, but that’s no reason to fret; New Year’s is a perfect time to showcase your style. Whether you’re going to an organised event, or just partying with friends and family, get those gladrags on and celebrate in style!

My Christmas Party Look!


I went with the Black and Gold theme, as it looks super glam and sophisticated. My shoes got loads of great comments! The clutch bag is super luxe with gold sequins and velvet, and the dress hugged my curves like a dream!

Dress – Lipstick Boutique at Asos (It’s sold out now but there’s plenty other great stuff on there!)

Shoes – Irregular Choice

Bag – Limited Edition at Primark

Let me know about your party looks in the comments!




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